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Taking Care of YOU

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Our bodies are incredible machines.  The intricacies of the human body go beyond full scientific and biological understanding.  The truth is, we’re still learning about how to best protect, support, and maintain these incredible vessels that we walk around in every day. 

As with any machine, maintenance and care must be given in order to keep the system functioning well and performing optimally.  So, what are some of the ways that you can keep your body happy, healthy, and thriving? Here are some of the basics:

  1. Food is love. Food is not your enemy.  Food is the fuel that keeps this machine going day to day, and every single molecule within our body is effected by our food choices.  Healthy food is the ultimate love letter we can write to our body and our health.
  2. Sunshine on your shoulders. A sunny day does more than simply lift your spirits:  It actually helps your body and mind perform optimally.  In addition to the mood boosting power of the sun, it also delivers Vitamin D, which is incredibly important for our mental wellness as well as our immune system and hormonal balance.
  3. The Essential Vitamins are essential. You’d think the name of them alone would make us understand the importance of these, but so many of us miss out on our essential vitamins.  Whether it is from a hole in your daily diet, or a physical condition that alters the way your body absorbs them, having all the essential vitamins in your life is critically important to keep your body running its best.
  4. Sleep. Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep.  Sleep.  You should make sure you’re getting some sleep.  You know that.  Not getting quality sleep?  Seek out help to improve that now.  Some tips - drink a calming tea before bed, make sure all lights (including LED lights from alarm clocks etc.) are off!  Keep your cell phone and laptop on your night stand (not in bed with you) turn off your TV and think happy thoughts (leave your work and stress topics for tomorrow).  Sleep, next to food, is the most important self-care task that we have.

We have one body, and one life.  We have one chance to keep this vessel happy, healthy, and thriving for as long as possible.  Your body carries you around day after day.  Don’t you think it is deserving of good food, proper vitamins, sunshine, and a good night sleep?  We do, too.

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