Our Story

FitMiss was created on the West Coast embracing the California lifestyle – a healthy, active way of life that undoubtedly fuels a passion for premium, luxe activewear.  FitMiss is a custom women’s activewear label that caters to the unique and active woman. A luxury, fashion-forward, active-lifestyle brand where function, comfort and fashion co-exist creating a performance label like no other.  We understand that everyone is unique and believe that you deserve a custom activewear experience.

FitMiss activewear is designed by you, custom made just for you and will be there to enhance your active life.  Our tailored product line-up includes everything you need to take your fit life to the next level. From sports bras, tops and hoodies to bottoms and athletic accessories we have your fitness needs covered. With over 100 custom options you can gear up in the perfect custom fit and design that’s as unique as you are.  From the yoga guru to gym-goer to busy mom and everything in between, FitMiss empowers all active women to live, look and feel their best. 

Brand Manifesto

FitMiss® is no ordinary clothing brand.  Our innovative vision has changed the activewear industry making FitMiss® the first to empower women to embrace their rarity and make their own choices.  We believe that everyone is unique; everyone has their own size and their own style. Our goal was to motivate you to live an active life by creating activewear that’s as unique as you are.

The union of our premium quality, advanced functionality and custom design platform allows us to uphold the essential promise of our brand; to provide activewear that is perfect for you, inspires you and brings you confidence and joy in pursuing your active life.

It is our hope that you will embrace your choices and customize your active life just the way you want it.

The FitMiss® fit

Typical women’s clothing comes in five sizes and sizes often vary by brand.  We understand that standard sizes are not perfect for all of us and allow you to custom-tailor your activewear so the fit is perfect for you.  The FitMiss® fit takes your choices, your body, and your fabric preferences and produces activewear that is perfectly tailored for you.

FitMiss® makes gear that is the correct size; from bust to hem, and everything in between.


All of our fabrics are bluesign® sealed textiles. The bluesign® system is the solution for an environmentally friendly, safe and sustainable textile production.  This means that right from the beginning of the manufacturing process all harmful substances are eliminated and your garments are made in, and out of 100% purity.

Proudly Made in the USA

All FitMiss® products are custom made in Huntington Beach California.  We believe in the clean and happy production process of USA made merchandise and this core value permeates through all of our FitMiss® gear.  Our amazing California based team ensures the functionality and value of all our FitMiss® activewear and we guarantee the high quality promised from American made products.

If you have suggestions, or if something is not right, we would love your feedback. Please let us know!

We’re Friendly!

We believe in the harmony between us, and the environment.  To support our eco-friendly belief, you will never receive paper, plastic or wasted resources from FitMiss®.  Our shipping boxes are made from 100% recycled materials, and your clothing is wrapped in re-usable, fast drying laundry bags.  All communications are complete via email, many of our fabrics are organic and all are made with ecological production technologies.

Show Support

Raising awareness and supporting those in need is an essential objective of ours.  We know the importance of having a healthy and happy lifestyle and want to help others reach their healthy and happy potential.

With each purchase, FitMiss® donates a percentage of proceeds to the American Cancer Society. Help us donate more!